doctor imageThe mission of American International Clinical group (AICG) is clear: “to provide international medical students the opportunity to complete their clinical rotations in the United States.” AICG is dedicated to providing the greatest possible variety of clinical rotations to our international medical students. We believe that by allowing a diverse array of medical students from around the globe into clinical rotations in the U.S., we will ensure that many sectors of society receive quality healthcare. By doing so, we are encouraging our physicians to become culturally competent professionals who will contribute to our diverse society.

If you are an international medical student or school who needs core and elective rotations, you have come to the right place. United States clinical experience is only one of many requirements for medical licensure in the United States. As you join AICG, you enjoy a professional staff, and you will have the opportunity of being introduced to many Affiliate Attending Physicians who focus on preparing medical students for the United States medical licensing exam (USMLE).

During your tenure with us, you will be working with your most loyal supporters and advocates. We work with every student to help ease the process of registering and finding clinical rotations in the United States. We understand the difficulties international students might face when applying for clinical rotations in the United States. We are dedicated to assisting qualified international and foreign medical graduates to obtain a United States clinical rotation experience. Our staff is committed to establishing a solid, ongoing relationship with every student, school and hospital through positive communication and assistance with required and elective rotations during your clinical years.

We believe that when medical students begin clinical rotations, they begin to experience medicine. However, through AICG, they also experience a new world by completing their clinical rotations in the United States. We care about our students and try our very best to support them through this time in their medical career. With these thoughts in mind, we continue to work towards strengthening our efforts in paving the road for our future physicians.