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The mission of American International Clinical group (AICG) is clear: “to provide international medical students the opportunity to complete their clinical rotations in the United States.” AICG is dedicated to providing the greatest possible variety of clinical rotations to our international medical students. We believe that by allowing a diverse array of medical students from around the globe into clinical rotations in the U.S., we will ensure that many sectors of society receive quality healthcare. By doing so, we are encouraging our physicians to become culturally competent professionals who will contribute to our diverse society. AICG International Group is dedicated to meeting the needs of patients and their families who visit us from all over the world. AICG is located on Chicago Metropolitan area — a city rich in cultural diversity, which makes it a vibrant international destination. The medical Group is just 20-30 minutes directly east of O’Hare International Airport, and 15-20 minutes south of Midway International Airport.At AICG International Group, our team takes great pride in providing highly personalized services. The staff members of the International Group are compassionate and sensitive to the special needs of all cultures and they strive to make every patient’s experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.