AboutUs-01In 2007, a group of highly professional physicians and educators united to offer an exciting educational experience in the United States to medical students and graduates all over the globe. American International Clinical Group assists international medical students and graduates with the process of doing their clinical rotations in hospitals in the U.S. By maintaining an international network of medical schools and individuals, we have formed a bridge which has allowed us to successfully place students in clinical rotations throughout the U.S. American International Clinical Group has opened many opportunities for foreign medical students. AICG has had the honor of helping future physicians reach their educational goals. We at AICG thrive globally to provide opportunities for medical students and graduates abroad to experience a medical system other than their own. We offer responsive and provide accessible resources to help our medical students and graduates by encouraging professional development, academic achievement and excellence, and preparation for the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE). Our professional and friendly staff offers expert advice and assistance throughout your clinical rotations. We work hard to be your advocate from the moment we receive your information. Please visit us in person, by telephone, or via e-mail for answers to any questions you may have or for other assistance. Our vision at AICG is to be the leader in providing international medical students, graduates, and institutes, the opportunity and the experience of beginning their clinical rotations in the United States. Contact us and it would be our pleasure to work alongside your medical school and the hospitals throughout the U.S. to help you reach your educational goals.

AICG Team & APGME Members 

Sameer Suhail, MD.
President of AICG & APGME
Clinical Director of American International Clinical Group
Preferred Physician Group.

Dena SuhailM.D.

Sam Suhail, M.D., MPH
Executive Consultant for AICG

Dena Besumi, COO
American International Clinical Group
Chief Operating Officer

Mrs. Raja Morched
Assistant Clinical Coordinator

LaWanda Peterson
Senior Clinical Coordinator

Address and phone numbers:

155 North Michigan Ave., suite 634
Chicago, IL 60601

Office:(312)729-5177, (708) 598-5600 , (877) 227-5166 / Fax: (708) 876-8800
Toll free number: 877-227-5166